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Welome to Chuuk

Chuuk, Micronesia

Chuukese is the official language of Chuuk, an island group approximately halfway between Hawaii and the Philippines.

Chuuk is part of Micronesia, located in the vast expanse of the Pacific Ocean inhabiting thousands of islands, atolls and islets.

Chuukese is of the Malayo-Polynesian family, descending from the expansive Austronesian language phylum. There is an estimated 45,000 Chuukese-speaking people living throughout the world.

Chuuk is well-known as one of the world's best wreck diving locations, but the outer reefs host a plentiful supply of marine life and some larger pelagic species, too. The area was once known as "Truk Lagoon," and is the site of the U.S. attack on the Japanese military in 1944

Location - Western Pacific Ocean, 2500 miles South-West of Hawaii, just above Equator.

Geography- Total land area of 49.2 square miles, includes 7 major island groups.

Climate- Warm, humid tropical climate. Rain throughout the year.

Population- 53,500 (approximately half the total population of The Federated States of Micronesia)

Language- The official language of the FSM is English. The people of Chuuk also speak their own indigenous language, Chuukese.

Economy- The main economic activities of the people of Chuuk are subsistence farming and fishing, and tourism is also an emerging sector.

Currency- Chuuk, like the rest of the FSM, uses the US dollar as currency, though some hotels will accept foreign currency as well.

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